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Monday, October 8, 2012

Sharing Lots of .SVG files

I've already shared many of these as Silhouette Studio files but now I can share them as .svg files for all of those whom can use or prefer .svg files. I took some screen shots of the Animal, Borders and Corners, and Background and Pattern folders so you can see what is in these folders before you download them.

A lot of my day has been spent coverting files. I couldn't be happier to be able to share .svg files.

From now on I will always try to share files in bothe Studio and .svg. I hope this helps many of you whom wanted to use the Studio files I shared but were unable to open them.I'll be sharing more folders real soon.

Happy Crafting Everyone! xxx - Debbie

You can download this folder here ----> Animals .SVG Files

You can download this folder here -----> Borders and Corners .SVG Files

You can download this folder here ------> Background and Patterns


  1. Thank you. Your designs are great.

  2. Oh my, Debbie. You're absolutely FANTASTIC. I love following your blog because I've learned so much from your tutorials. I've been saving up to get a Silhouette Cameo and I still have a way to go, yet. In the meantime, I'm learning about the cutter and loving it. Plus, I am enjoying hoarding! LOL
    You are an angel to convert your wonderful files into SVG and now I can use them with my MTC. Luv your files. Thank you for your generosity is sharing them with us and all of your hard work converting them.

    Very much appreciate your kindness,

  3. I'm glad to learn the .svg files are going to come in handy for those with other cutting machines and software. You all are so very welcome. I'm still working on more folders so stay tuned for more.

    Steffie, the saving is worth it. The Cameo is my very favorite crafting buddy. Have lots of fun with it when you get your new toy/buddy. Keep an eye out for those big sales they often come up with. I got a great deal on mine from but, it sure took a while for them to ship it, even after I had pre-ordered it with a promised ship date. Oh well, it was worth the wait. :)

    Thank you for your wonderful and sweet comments. xxx - Debbie

  4. wow Debbie - you are so great!! Thank you for sharing this fantastic designs with us.

  5. Hi Debbie. I am sure that the efforts you have gone to to convert all your files to SVG for non-Silhouette users will be much appreciated. Very thoughtful of you.
    Tine :)

  6. wow, look at you go, having just done a lot of converting of files to my hard drive, etc., I am painfully aware of the time this has taken, you are the best and so glad you found a happy place with the svgs. Hugs

  7. Hi Debbie
    Thank you for sharing these. I have learned so much from you! Thank you for all you do here and at "Silhouette Plus". You are great!

  8. You're awesome and it's so generous of you to share your files and your talent with us all! For those of us who are newer users, I personally have found your knowledge to be a huge benefit!!

    Thank you!!

  9. Thank you for the converting of your files.... I liked many of them but needed them in SVG...was jumping up and down today to find out you had converted them. Thanks for all your hard work, as well as your wonderful files. Thanks again, you have made my day!!!

  10. these are fantastic.thanks for sharing...x

  11. Did you convert your files using the updated Silhouette software? I tried to save a file as SVG, but it only let me use the Studio file. I'm using the Designer Edition. What am I doing wrong?

    P.S. I LOVE your files and check your blog frequently! You are the BEST :D

  12. Gorgeous files! Thank you so much! :-)


  13. Thanks Debbie for sharing your talent,we learn so much from you.

  14. I have only just found your site. Thank you for making your files available.


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