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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Diverse Collection of Cutting Files

I've been so busy keeping up with all that has been going on around here I forgot to share some Valentine files but, I also had some other files I've been meaning to share. This is quite a diverse selection of cutting Below all of the pictures, you'll find the download links for each cutting file. I have been exceeding my band width so if for some reason this happens again, you will need to wait until the first of next month to download them. Box. com resets my band width at the first of each month. I'm currently at 41 % of usage. Last month, one cutting file was downloaded 17,000 times....whew that's a lot of downloads! My blog donations haven't been enough for me to pay for the additional band width monthly fee.

First, I have the I Heart You Pop-Up card, then I have the Heart Embroider/Spirilla file. I jumped from Valentine files to a box/envelope file with the Pinwheel Box.

Oh, I'm not done yet. Because my grandson is into all of sorts of bugs, dinosaurs, and other creatures of the past and present, I was lucky to find a .dxf cutting file on the internet.When I Googled 3D fly, up popped this cutting file. I opened it in Studio with the Studio Designer Edition, converted it to Studio cutting file, then back to a .dxf and a .svg file. The original cutting file required some major changes. I believe it must have been designed to build with balsa wood because the connection cuts were really wide. My grandson loved the fly and friends thought it would work great in a school environment such as a science class. When you look at the picture, it will help you to build this 3D Fly.

The heart embroider/spirilla file was inspired by my friend Helen over at Pinky Papercraft. I must say, her embroidered card is exquisite and looks like a true piece of art. I'm a novice at this. I was a child when I first tried this kind of art. Besides using my toy Spirograph and making some basic square shaped spirilla string art this was my very first attempt doing this with the cutting file I designed. I used a gold thread t make the one shown below. If you want to learn more about this technique, I would suggest contacting Helen over at her blog. She's a terrific lady.

To help you create your "Heart Embroidered/Spirilla" I made this video to get you started. Remember, if you have any questions you can email me by clicking on the "Email Me" link on the left hand side.

The "I Heart You" cutting file was inspired by a cutting file share on the Silhouette Plus forum by Pam/Yorkie mom. I wanted to make my special Valentine a card so I designed this one for him. If you want to learn how to make your own pop-up cards you can find the tutorial on my YouTube Channel.

Last but least is the "Spriral Box". It's actually sort of an envelop type of box.

All cutting file downloads are in .svg, .dxf, and Studio formats. Enjoy!

To download the 3D Fly cutting file ----> Click Here

To download the "I Heart You" cutting file ----> Click Here

To download the "Heart Embroider" cutting file ----> Click Here

To download the " Pinwheel Box" cutting file ----> Click Here


  1. Debbie, your generosity is extraordinary! Thank you for these incredible files!

  2. That is one amazing fly! How clever of you to track one down & recreate it with your Cameo. Your grandson must love it but I bet he wants more 'creatures' now as well! LOL. A very clever cutting creation & I am sure your other lovely projects which you have kindly shared will inspire too.
    Tine :)

  3. Oh Debbie the fly is awesome, Congrats. Thank you for such creative files.
    You are a gem.

  4. You do such great work...have you ever thought about giving online classes on how the beginner can make these files. How does one learn to make their own files?? I enjoy your site keep up the great work lew

  5. Debbie what a fab collection of beautiful and that fly, well I love it, lol, hugs

  6. Thank you for fab freebies

  7. You are just so, so clever. LUV LUV LUV your new files. One very lucky grandson! Thanks ever so much.


  8. I cannot imagine how/why I would ever make the fly, but it is awesome! Your files are always wonderful, thanks for being so generous. I am also curious about making my own files. The suggestion from anonymous is interesting.

  9. Hi Debbie,
    I am the proud owner of a Silhouete Cameo since saturday and apperently I'm always up for a challenge. The fly was one of the first to cut. Ahum, now I ended up with all kind of little parts that I can't figure out where they have to go....
    I have tried to google, in hope to discover where you found the fly to trace, but I can't find it. Is it possible that I could have a picture of the front of the fly? Now it is a disabeled fly, :-(
    I hope to learn a lot from you and your tutorials.
    Greetings Marja from The Netherlands

  10. Oh, By the way I think you are great and make beautiful designs!!!

  11. I just love that 3D fly! And the pinwheel box is so cute. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Hugs, Pia

  12. Hi Marja, I will try to label the parts and where they go. The sort of oval shaped pieces that are solid and then have two with holes in them go on the face part. The pieces which look like earrings go to on the back part.Those funky looking, sort of "T" shaped pieces are part of the face. I have to be honest, I just sort of fit the fly together the best I could. I also added lines of glue to help keep it together.My other confession is, I had a couple of left over pieces which I could not figure out where they would go or fit. I wish I could have found some instructions. I also Googled for instructions and could find a thing so, I "winged" it. Fly

  13. Debbie,thanks for all the lovely cut files.

  14. Hi Debbie,

    Ohhh all of these are super cool! For some reason I like the last one best and can hardly WAIT to play with it. I have really really MISSED YOU so now this crazyness is over with we should start thinking of another "HOP" ya think??



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