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Friday, February 22, 2013

Luck of the Irish Cutting File Sets

Hello, as many of you already know, I share lots of free cutting files. I have a donation button on the right hand side to make a donation and make it possible for me to continue to do what I do. As kind as many have been by donating, the donations have been few.

Donations help pay for my supplies, time spent designing, photographing, converting each file to various formats, and test cutting every file. I love to share and spend a lot of time working on ways to make crafting and using the Silhouette cutting machines more fun.

Some issues with sharing cutting files has come up. I would like to be able to afford an increase in my "Box" band width. The files I share are downloaded a lot.I'm always happy to learn they are being enjoyed. Each time a file is downloaded or viewed it decreases my band width. It always concerns me when the files I share run out of band width. When this happens, I have to wait until the first of each month before it is reset. Sadly, many end up not getting the file shares until after the reset is complete. I've not received enough in donations to add more band width for the year. As sweet as my dear husband is; I can't expect my him to pay this.

Since I lost my job and it's been a long road trying to find employment. I've dove into doing some good things with my time. My very generous husband makes it possible for me to buy the crafting supplies I use but, being able to buy my own gives me a feeling of independence and makes me feel as though I don't have to burden our family finances to do what I love to do.

Times are tough for many so I've chosen never to sale my cutting files. I want everyone to enjoy crafting as much as I do. I also want to make it as affordable for everyone by sharing free cutting files and make tutorials to help others learn how to make their own creative designs.

In an effort to help keep my cutting files and videos free I'm offering an entire set of "Luck of the Irish" cutting files for those whom make a donation of $2.00 or more. This cutting file set will be emailed to each person making a donation. Each set is in .svg, .dxf, and Studio formats. Each individual cutting file includes images and every file has been test cut.

If you so kindly make a donation, please add a comment to your donation with the words "Luck of the Irish Donation". I will get the files to you as quickly as I possibly can.

I'm totally not a photographer so the picture doesn't do these cutting files justice. I thank everyone for visiting and for helping to keep my shares free for all.

The "Luck of the Irish" sets include:

1. Tag Set
2. Print and Cut/Paper piecing ( It can be cut as a PnC or Paper piecing by ungrouping the file) Little Leprechaun
3. Print and Cut/Paper Piecing Leprechaun Hat
4. Luck of the Irish Tag and Word set
5. Treat Box Holder ( the image of the pot of gold over the rainbow is from Google Images clipart. You can use this or any image of your choice)

May the luck of the Irish be with  all, hugs,


  1. Lovely designs, Debbie & I am sure anyone who celebrates St. Patrick's Day would love to use your set & contribute to the extra bandwidth in the form of a donation. Good luck to you too!
    Tine :)

  2. I love your designs and your videos. You have helped me out on more than 1 occasion with the Silhouette Cameo.. I am happy to donate to help you out!!
    Good Luck!!
    Karen K - Neenah, WI

  3. I love your designs and your videos... You have helped me out on more than 1 occasion.. So I am more than willing to help you out.. Thank you for all you do!!!

    Karen K - Neenah, WI

  4. I'm new to cameo I got for Christmas. Love your designs and hard work. Trying to find best sites with tutorials to follow and do more, instead of reading and Pinning. Yours is an awesome help with great videos. Blessings and thanks. Wish I could leave them on and learn throughout my day but 17 month old takes devices!

  5. I apparently do NOT have the Luck of the Irish!!! I have been meaning to make a donation - kept forgetting - so, I got back from the grocery, left everything for the fellas to put away, and marched up here and clicked donation before I read anything! Yeah - I missed the part about "Luck of the Irish Donation"!!! Could I still get the Irish Set?

    I, too, am new to Cameo and just got one for Christmas. I was totally BEWILDERED! Until I found this blog. So - Thank YOU very much from the top, middle & bottom of my Lithuanian/Croatian ❤ !!!

  6. Thank you for your sweet comments. MJ, no worries, :) I sent the files to you. Bless you all for making my day brighter. your comments are heart warming.


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