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Friday, February 1, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Party

There is a great deal of excitement in our home.As many who follow football know,the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens will be playing in the 47th (XLVII) Super Bowl. My husband and son are Indianapolis Colt fans but even our "home" team doesn't out rank their beloved 49ers. Oh, how we watched the games this year on the end of our seats. The excitement, the cheering, the yelling, the jumping up and down through each and every game will continue this Sunday as the Ravens and 49ers go head to head for the ultimate game; the Super Bowl XLVII Super Bowl Champs.

So, I said my husband and son are huge 49er fans, I have to add my cheer leading spirit is just as loud and crazy. I never thought I would be a big football fan but once I learned the game, I've found myself going just as crazy when rooting for our teams.

Besides the excitement of the San Francisco 49ers being in the Super Bowl there will be some other surprises going on around here. I've been working away getting a Super Bowl menu planned, making decorations, and buttons for everyone who will be here on Sunday. My husband has no idea what his ultimate surprise is going to be. He thinks it's the 49ers chocolate The big surprise is, our son will be flying in tonight to be here to watch the game with his dad. He couldn't imagine watching the game without him. I am beyond excited for all of us.

Here are a few pictures of some of the decorations. I want my fellows to enjoy every second with the family while they celebrate the 49ers (their all time favorite team) play in this Sunday's ultimate championship game.

I've made lots of 3D helmets, logos, cupcake toppers and more. This is just a little peek. Today, I'm going to be making more. Aftr all, can you ever have too many


  1. How fabulous, Debbie. Mind you, that isn't 'real football' to us Brits! LOL. It is Manchester City that 'my lot' support. I hope your family appreciate all these decorations as well as some cupcakes to go in those wrappers I suspect! Hope the game goes the way they want. :)
    Great photo of the badge, too. It really has caught the gloss.
    Tine :)

  2. Slinking away quietly, I'll admit I'm the one who talked the former CEO of JoAnn Fabrics into holding special hours and events in their stores on Super Bowl Sundays so that we football widows would have someplace to go. That was many years ago, but it proved to be a successful idea for the stores. Now I have my Silhouette activities to keep me away from the living room, and I'll have the door closed so that I won't have to listen to the noise. Who knows what I'll emerge with! I will, however, look for the famous Super Bowl commercials on YouTube! Have fun, Debbie and family; you've done a wonderful job on your projects, and I know your family will appreciate all the beautifully wrought decor! (I am SO impressed with a guy who would fly home to be with his dad on the The Day!)

  3. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this blog post come up on my reader app. I have been looking for a nice clear picture of the 49ers helmet to trace to make a 3d card for my sons birthday. In a few weeks he will be 18 and we have managed to get tickets for him to go to see the 49ers when they appear at Webley stadium in London in September. He is a big American football fan and will be thrilled at the tickets. I thought a card in the shape of a helmet would be just the job! These look fabulous!

  4. Wow - these helmets look amazing!!!!Nice!!! Very Nice!!!

  5. Hi Diane, you can find all sorts of 49ers images by searching for them in Google Images. I just typed 49ers football helmets to find these. I found lots of 49ers goodies on Google Images.

    1. Thank you, I will certainly do that, the helmet above is exactly what I had in my minds eye.

  6. Thanks Tine and Barbara.

    I have to say, our son is one of a kind. He loves his did so very much. He even gave up a huge party his friends were having for him to be here with his dad. He arrives at 5 p.m. tonight. I can't wait to see the look on my husband's face.

  7. Wow! That is REALLY cool!!! Have a great time at your party!! I am sure your husband (& you too) will be thrilled to see your son!

  8. WOW! Those are really nice. Enjoy your party and your son:)

  9. Debbie, Your decorations are perfect! But even more perfect is the surprise for your husband!! It gives me warm fuzzies to think about that kind of special time. I would love to see the look on your husband's face when the arrival happens! :)

  10. Hi Debbie,

    We are not big on sports here in our household but respect those who are and I know your goodies and deco are FAB. One day when we retire and come visit you you can make us fall in love with Football? haha!

    hugs to you,

  11. Go 49ers! I love, love, love your decorations. I can't help but admire your button as I also make buttons. Although my buttons never turned out as perfect as yours (I use a manual machine). It's so nice to meet someone with so many of the same hobbies!

  12. Those turned out really good, Deb! Go Niners!

  13. You are such a great cheerleader!!! In my opinion, your enthusiasm for football speaks loud and clear to your hubby and son :D I've also learned to enjoy the game... I'm actually invited to a Bridal Shower this Sunday, so I'll miss most if not all of the game (and I'm really bummed, to the surprise of my family!). We are definitely Niner Fans here ♥

  14. Love your decorations!!!
    And I would love to see your hubbys face, when his son shows up. ;-)

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Debbie your decorations are fantastic, hope you had a great party.

  16. Thanks everyone for visiting. The surprise for my husband was wonderful and my fellows had a great time. The time our son was here flew by so fast. Sadly, the 49ers lost the game but the time we had together more than made up for the Super Bowl loss. We'll get them next year. :) xxx - Debbie

  17. Hi Lady Fair, Thank you for such a sweet comment on the buttons. I also use a manual machine. I think it's a Badge- A-Mint. I make buttons for all sorts of things. I bought some mylar so I'm hoping to be able to cut out the mylar circles that cover the art work.


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