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Friday, September 21, 2012

Cutting Stencil with Your Silhouette Cameo

Hi everyone, I'm being naughty today. I'm suppose to be running errands for our trip but, I wanted to take the time to get a couple of videos made. This is the only one I've made so far. I had all sorts of problems. I apologize for the jiggly video on the first part of the video. I didn't use a tripod.

This video will show you how the Cameo cuts the Grafix medium to make beautiful stencils. I purchased the Grafix pack of 25 - 11 x 14 inch sheets at Dick Blick. It's an art supply store. I'm sure it can be purchased other places, like on the internet. This material is .005 in weight.

The video will tell you most of this but the Cameo is rather loud so I thought a couple of things might be missed. :)

Here are the settings I used: Blade - 3, Thickness - 24, Speed - 1, Double Cut


  1. Hi! I just ordered my Cameo and have been browsing sites trying to learn about it. Your video was very helpful but I have a question- after printing, do you have to have the Cameo linked to your computer and have it scan the reg marks & cut via the commands in Silhouette Studio, or can I just slip the printed paper in and control that part from the Silhouette alone?


  2. Debbie another great video,you are so good at explaining thing.
    Thanks for sharing,Jocelan

  3. Hi Gina, the Cameo will always be connected to your computer unless you saved it to the SanDisc. If you saved it to a SanDisc you can cut it from there.All you have to do is send the image you want to Print and Cut to the Silhouette. It will give you the option to print. Make sure your cut lines are selected to cut before you do anything and always make sure you have your reg. marks selected. The electronic eye on the Cameo will roll the paper in and out looking for the reg marks after you have clicked on the "Detect Registration Marks Automatically.

    Congrats on the purchase of your new Cameo. you are going to love it! xxx-Debbie

  4. Thank you Debbie for the great tutorials. Very much appreciated.

  5. Great video Debbie! I've done stencils with my Silhouette too...but I used clear pocket folders that I bought at the dollar store. I simply cut along the fold to separate into two pieces and cut the pocket off and voila! I had two sheets to cut with. Went very easily. So much fun to do too! I posted some of my stenciled creations on my blog if anyone wants to see pics :-)


  6. What is the thickness of this acetate you used?


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