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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Embossing Questions Answered

Hi everyone, I've had some emails and comments asking me questions about embossing with the rubber packing sheets. I'll share some of the questions I've received and answer them the best I can.

1.Q.  Is it necessary to glue two of the patterns together to make an embossing folder?

   A. I've cut out single layered shapes and they emboss nicely but, I wanted to make the home made embossing folders a little sturdier so they will last longer and I believe I am getting a deeper emboss.

2. Q. What kind of machine do you use?

    A. I use a Cuttlebug manual die cutting machine which embosses and cuts out die shapes but any kind of machine similar to the Cuttlebug will work. If you go to the post " Embossing Without Shims the Cheap Way" you can see a video I made using the Cuttlebug.

3. Q. The embossing mats shown on the internet showed a piece of lace like ribbon being embossed. Can the rubber mats do this?

    A. Yes, I have embossed a piece of lace, lace ribbon, and single shapes I cut out using a punch and they all embossed nicely. Here is what I did to emboss the lace.

1. First place an "A" plate, the a "B" plate, lace, card stock, then the rubber packing sheet          mat, then a "B" plate. Roll it on through and you should see the pattern of the lace embossed in your card stock.

4. Q. Where can I buy these rubber packing sheets?

    A. They can be found in most hardware stores. I know, Lowe's carries them. I believe they are .98 cents a piece. You will need 2 sheet of the 1/16 inch or one 3/32 inch mat.

5. Q. Can I make my own embossing folders?
    A.  You sure can. You can make them by auto tracing a shape or design you like and welding them together or you can open up a drawing program, make the drawing lines thick and draw a design within the area you want to make an embossing folder. For example: I draw a 4.25 x 5.5 rectangle, draw a design within the perimeters of the rectangle. I place the rectangular shape on a different layer so I can delete it and keep only the design. I save the file as a .png file then auto trace it in the Studio program.

If I can help answer any other questions please feel free to email me or leave a comment and I will try to get it answered a.s.a. p. I hope this question/answer post helps.


  1. I was told at Lowes that these are called "Rubber gaskets" and sold in the plumbing section. It took a LONG time to finally get across my idea to the clerk there!!

  2. Debbie I just want to thank you for not only this post but for all you do to help all of us. If it were not for you and the other wonderful people who share what you all have learned over time it would take years for me to learn how to use the Cameo the way I want to use it.

    Thanks to you and the others there is a good chance I really will be able to make my Christmas cards the way I want to this year, instead of just printing them, and I have only had my Cameo just under two weeks. This is my first experience with a cutting or embossing machine, ( I also purchased a Cuttlebug), and I am already beginning to design my own cutting and embossing files.

    Again thank you very much,
    Claudia P (Hobbies Anonymous)

  3. Hi Jann, it sure seems hard to get the names of these across to the hardware store people. It all depends who's Thank goodness we know what they look like...hee, hee.

    Thank you Claudia. It makes me happy to know my contributions are helping others enjoy their cutting machines. Have lots of fun creating, cutting, and embossing. Hugs, Debbie


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