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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Little Green Halloween Monster

In the spirit of Halloween ( coming sooner than we think) and this infection I can't seem to get over so I dubbed it the "Greeny Meany Monster" I was inspired to make a "Green Monster cutting file.

This cutting file has two images so one can be done as a paper piecing and the other a Print and Cut. Remember, you don't have to do it as a print and cut. you can use those scrap pieces to cut out each colored shaped on colored card stock. If I get the chance to make one today, I'll add a home-made wobble to it and have a dancing monster for a Halloween card. I'll make sure to share the results.

You can download the "Green Monster" here ----> Green Monster Studio Cutting File

Frightening isn't he?......LOL


  1. Enjoyed browsing your blog this morning! Yep, it is jammie Saturday...time to browse! I have become a new follower!

  2. Hi Sue, thanks for coming over for a Saturday jammie browse and for signing on as a follower. It's great to have you. I love jammies!

  3. oh this is definitely a giggle, we should have a meany challenge, lol, love it, hugs

  4. Just found your site through another fellow blogger. Really enjoyed browse through it. I signed up to be a follower. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  5. Hi Debbie. He is a lot of fun - especially if I don't run into him on a dark night! LOL.
    Tine :)

  6. Hi Debbie,

    haha, he's so CUTE! Course I think bats are cute too, real bats. Love how your mind works. Thanks for your generosity!

    Blessings from

  7. Too cute to be frightening!!! LOL!!! He's adorable!


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