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Friday, September 21, 2012

Straight Cut vs. Print and Cut

I did it! I got this second video made! One of the sweet members on the Silhouette Plus forum asked me if I would make a video explaining the difference between a regular cut and a Print and Cut. She was asked what the difference was by one of her crafting friends.

In the video, I should have explained about the paper piecing done as a regular cut using various colors of paper or as a Print and Cut. I really wish I would have had the time to cut one as a regular cut and one as a Print and Cut to show those whom are new or fairly new to the Silhouette cutting machines.

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  1. fab, you are the best, thanks for doing this, hugs

  2. Hi Debbie,

    My in-laws just left today, so I will take up with you and Kelly SOOON, like we should set a date for our collab? What if we plan for next Monday, you think?

    I ALWAYS learn something from your blog, you're amazing. I've been wasting a lot of paper haha, thats the gist of it. Thanks so much for your tuts!



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