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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Little Green Monster Card Video

Hi everyone! I promised I would make a card with the little green monster cutting file. You can download this file right under this post.

I wanted to give this card some animation so I made a home made wobble. These are so easy to make! I made a video on how to make them some time ago but when I changed things on my YouTube channel it disappeared.

Making a Wobbler

To make a home made wobbler all you have to do is use some thin wire and wrap it around a pencil or something round like this. You can make them whatever size you want or need. You cut two circle out and poke a hole in the center. Fold the end of the wire down on the one circle and tape it into place, then poke the wire from the other end into the other circle and do the same thing to the other end. Glue one end to the image you want to wobble and the other to your card stock and get a giggle when you see your image come to life with your home made wobbler. A 26 to 28 gauge wire should work well

Here is a YouTube link showing a home made wobbler and discussing the gauge of wire to use. I love YouTube! ------> Wobbler Video

I just found another terrific YouTube tutorial. She makes hers differently than I do but they work great!

How To Make A Home Made Wobble

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