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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coming Today! April 16, 2014 the Updates for Studio 3

Hello Everyone,

I'm so happy to be to announce; Silhouette America will be releasing the updated version of the Studio V3 software today. The veersion is Studio 3.0.338. They will have it available for download some time this evening or night.

I wish you all could see the "Hapy Dance" I'm doing...well, maybe It's so nice to know eeryone will be back to enjoying cutting with this wonderful version of Studio. There are so many new features I just love. The best thing is; you will still be able to cut with the old cut settings of "Cut", "No Cut" and "Cut Edge". Also, the perforated lines are now showing up and cutting perfect. There is so much more to tell but soon, all of you will see this wonderful software and be using it with a smile on your face.

A little note; this new update addresses many of the issues/bugs found in the current Studio 3. Silhouette America's support team and programmers have worked around the clock to get this released. The beta testers were also amazing with the feed back they provided through all of their testing.

Silhouette America will continue to make improvement in the Studio V3 version  software. Right now, they are so excited to be able to release this update to help make your Silhouette cutting experience much better.

If you wnat to check out the Sihouette download site for the release you can click on this link Silhouette Software Downloads. Remember to make sure it is released befor downloading. This new version will also include release notes you may want to read over to see the issues addressed.


  1. Whoo! This is VERY exciting news to hear! :D I was just wondering, how do you have more than one version of Silhouette Studio installed? Are they all on different computers or is it possible to put them on the same computer?

    Just curious since I'm definitely more willing to get V3 now, but I'm just slightly worried about something still going wrong and I'd have to uninstall it, go back to the legacy version and waste an activation code for the designer edition.

    1. Having 2 version on one computer is quite a work around of things to do. I'm afraid to share a tutorial because I would be very upset with myself if someone made the wrong move and corrupted their Studio software or computer. I had both versions to assist with the beta testing. I wanted to be able to go back and forth to check various things out. Even though some bugs still remain in the Studio V3 software I'm satisified with the way it's currently working and will remove the Studio V2. Silhouette plans on leaving the Legacy (Studio V2) on its website for some time so please don't be afraid to give this wonderful software a try. I think you're going to love it! Hugs, Debbie

  2. Great job! Glad you had a part in the beta testing.
    Now, How do I combine my own files (and yours) from V2 to V3? I got scared when I didn't see my files then realized that I had to click on V2 files in drop down box.

    1. Thanks Barbara, all Silhouette files will ipen up in the V3 version. I made sure to check this out. :) Studio 3 should open all old, V2 and newly created files. The best way to open files is select the option "All Files". I have most of my files saved on my computer and have photos or screenshot. I like to be able to see the photos so I always open them up by selecting "All Files".I hope this helps make it easy for you too. Hugs, Debbie


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