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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Studio V3 "Standard" and "Advance" cutting

Today I made another video tutorial/chat. It has concerned me that so many seem to have such a dislike for this new software. I discovered many of them did not know of the most recent update of Studio 3.0.343 that addressed their concerns and wishes to have the original cut settings as part of the newest update. Silhouette listens to their customers and added the "Standard" cut features. I have found several uses for the other "Advance" cut settings and wanted to take a little time to briefly show the advantages.

I know when people have been going to the "Help", "Check For Updates" they have not been directed to go to the newest version. If you don't have the Studio V3.0.343 please go here to find the download:
Studio V3.0.343 Download

Another recently reported "ssue" was this weeks' "Freebie Tulip" cutting file. Many had concerns that it would not open up in the Studio Legacy V2 version of the software and felt as though this was some kind of conspiracy to force Sihouette users to update to the Studio V3. Silhouette wants their customers to be pleased with the software and realizes there are still some bugs that need to be addressed and would never force their clients to update. The Studio Legacy V2 remains on the download site for those whom are leary of the new software. I have to say; I've had nothing but beautiful cuts usig the newest update of Studio V3 but I am aware of some issues others have found. For them, they may be more comfortable reverting back to the Studio V2.

Now back to that "Freebie Tulip" cutting I wrote to support to learn more. As you can see in the video I too had seen this pop-up and wondered what was going on. Here is the email I received from support. I hope this helps to alleviate any concerns about a conspiracy to force us to use the new Studio V3 software.

This has been an unfortunate error. We are truly sorry it has caused any heartache or concern whatsoever. It had never been our intent to offer a file that indicated the need to update the program, nor is it our intent to do so moving forward. All files should continue to be offered in a compatible format for previous versions of the software. Unfortunately, the individual responsible for formatting and posting new content has been out of the office this week and the alternate individual handling the responsibility of posting the new shape provided the image in an updated format by accident. Please trust that this was indeed a genuine oversight and that the image has immediately been corrected.

Anyone who had obtained the newer version of the file but who is running on an older version of the software can simply do the following:

1. Delete the image from the library
2. Go to the library’s “Recycle Bin”
3. Right-click and empty the Recycle Bin (IMPORTANT!)
4. Recover the image anew from the Silhouette Online Store

The adjusted new download will work properly. Again, we appreciate everyone’s understanding that this was a genuine error and we have never had plans to force anyone to update the software who genuinely does not wish to do so. We sincerely desire all to enjoy their crafting experience with the Silhouette!


  1. I have downloaded the most current release and have noticed a couple of things. I did not want to see the Splash screen, so I checked it. I have also gone in and set my buttons for large. Neither of these are staying. When I close out and open it back up the next day, I have to do it over again. Have you or anyone else having this problem?

  2. Ok With your guidance I might be ready to download the new software.
    I just don't have the time it takes to learn another way of doing things.
    You know it is a lot easier to stay in the comfort zone where you know
    what to do but the main thing I am trying to say is ..with your great teaching videos
    I think you can teach this ole dog new tricks:) Thanks Deb

  3. thanks Debbie, I agree with J April, I have also been holding back. But now feel it is time to download the new version. With you videos I think I too will be able to cope with the updates. Thanks for your clear, down to earth videos. to quote Michael Krozer "Every decision leads somewhere... the excitement of the journey is watching whar unfolds" that's what we will all be doing!!!! xxx

  4. Thanks for adding the video, Debbie.

  5. Awesome lady for your help
    Blessings Jocelan

  6. Enjoyed the video.
    You offered some great info on the new software.
    I'm excited to give it a try.
    Thank you!

  7. I think the new software is terrific and understand there are some things to be worked out still. It is exciting to see all the new things we can do with it. Thanks for taking the time to do the videos for all of us. Greatly appreciated.

  8. Thank you, I have now upgraded my software, love this site

  9. Thanks for this great video, you explain things so clearly.

  10. Thank you for this great video!

  11. Thank you for for explaining the features of the newest update! I am little confused on 1 thing still. I don't see the blade settings when I am on the "cut setting" window. I am a relatively new user and so I like to see what blade settings go with different materials.

  12. Hi Kristen, when you go to the "cut settings" window and have layers open you will need to click on the "X" to get this out of the way so you can see your "cut settings" media like "Cardstock" after you do this it will open the blade settings window so you can make any adjustments you want to make.Best wishes, Debbie

    1. Your quick! Thank you for your help! I see the blade settings window now.


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