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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sharing A Technique from Patty used for the Jesus on the Cross Light Box

I am blessed to have met so many fellow Christian ladies and others through my blog and other sites. Patty is one of my newest treasures of people I've met. I've emailed the "Jesus on the Cross" light box cutting file and instructions to many and have been blessed by the responses of the people who have made them and are enjoying them as much as they are.

This file had to be sent by email to help prevent the naughty people who have taken designs and sold them as their own.From my heart and my love for our Lord; I bbelieve this is not a cutting file that should be sold. I will continue to email the file and instruction to anyone whom uses the "Email Me" link located on the right side of my blog page. I hope this cutting file will bring you and yours Easter reflections of the true meaning of Easter.

I am so pleased to share this photo and a link to Patty's blog Rosetresures Blog so you can check out more of her photos and a very nice technique she used to bring more light in. Thank you Patty for sharing this and for sharing the photos and your clever technique.


  1. Debbie, thank you so much for such a wonderful design!!! I really appreciate you sharing it with me and then sharing it on your blog! Wow! I look so forward to making more of them. Thanks, hugs, Patty

  2. Hi Debbie, coming to you via Rose's blog, as I had made a card for the same challenge. I've sent you an email too : )


  3. Beautiful design Debbie, and Rose's technique gives another dimension. TFS

  4. Just had to comment on how beautiful this design is.

  5. It is breathe taking, it is a scene that whoever sees will heartbreak, you have made the scene so alive. Even Easter has passed, it will always be remembered. I have just subscribe to follow your blog, I cannot use "Email Me" to email you because I do not know how to connect with Outlook. Please send the cutting file to this email address: Thank you so much, I will keep the file until next Easter, I will make some cards to send out to friends and relatives to remind them the true meaning of Easter. May God bless your beautifully design for Him to make Him known and glorify Him.


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