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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Working as a Beta Tester for Studio V3

Good day everyone, I am so happy to announce; jut as i expected Sihouette Support and the Silhouette Programmers have been working just as hard as I knew they would be. Myslef and several others have been asked to be Beta testers. I've been really, really busy doing some thorough checks on the list of things they asked for their Beta testers to test. The list is below.

I loved seeing hte old cutting settings back. I know many of you will too. Now we just all have to be patient while we wait for the release of the update. I've found a couple of issues with the Beta version and I know Silhouette Programmers will get these fixed. I'm sure it won't be too long before we are all happy cutters again.

Soon, I'll be making a video showing some of the Beta features. Please, stay tuned.

Happy Crafting everyone! Hugs,

A list of adjustments is found below: ·         Removed [Cut Settings]-[Editing: XXX]-[Cut Line Pattern] (removed line styles in “Cut Settings” as these will be built out later in the “Line Style” menu)
·         Trace controls often lock up.  - Fixed
·         Include 'No-Go' area display when Reg-Marks are Applied (Crosshatch)
·         Removed ZOOM % from title bar.
·         Offset was reported by some users to be inoperative.  - Fixed.
·         Offset margin changed from 0.250 to 0.125
·         Implement Packet Size selection in Preferences (same as V2)
·         Eraser shows 'Not Responding' when used on designs with a moderate line count - partial fix (new processing bar to indicate action - also a new algorithm is in pipeline)
·         Save as Legacy does not retain Reg-Marks - Fixed
·         SSV3 crashes when opening files saved in SSV3 - Fixed
·         New “Standard” cut mode in “Cut Settings” panel to return to familiar style of cutting, but retained new abilities to also cut by color & layer
·         Fix SSV3 import of SSV2 Reg-marks .studio files containing Reg-Marks are now rendered correctly.
·         Render the Cut Preview on top of the Design View. This solution allows the selection of objects in the 'Cut-Preview'.
·         Fields now update with return key and typed value with just hitting 'Apply' button
·         Removed “Auto-Weld” and “Convert Strokes To Outlines” checkboxes from SSV3 – necessary due to return of “Standard” cut mode
·         Auto-weld (cut edge) feature in the Cut-by color/layer list
·         Enter key now updates Move, Scale, Rotate entry fields correctly
·         Send Dashed lines from Design Page to Cut Preview then to cutter.
·         Added back the Inverted Reg-Marks feature
·         Show Print Border available in Page Settings - Keyboard Shortcut:  Toggle Print Border on/off: CTRL + SHIFT + P
·         Show Cut Border available in Page Settings - Keyboard Shortcut:  Toggle Cut Border on/off:   CTRL + SHIFT + E
·         Fixed and developed the relationship between the Rotate Center and Replicate functions.    Keyboard Shortcut:  Toggle Center of Rotation:  'O'
·         Improved ability to load in Layers from SVG exported from Adobe. (Some SVG from Adobe come with all layer groups encased within an  enclosing node.)
·         Cut-by-Fill-Color function implemented.
·         Cut-by-Fill-Texture function implemented.
·         Cut-by-Fill-Gradient function implemented.
·         Clean-ups to Text Style Panel:
§  When text shape is not being edited
·         Up/Down arrow can be used to select the next/prev font in the list
·         Typing a font name can select fonts in the list
§  When text shape is being edited:
·         Up/Down arrow maintain the previous function.
·         Fixed ability to drag a pattern from library into a shape on the draw area.
·         Save As Legacy (V2)
·         Add warning message for Save As Legacy  (may not save all V3 data in V2 filedata, don't save over original file etc)
·         Allow cut area to extend to 5000.0mm height when carrier sheet = OFF.
·         Allow media height up to 5000.0mm
·         Changed default setting for SVG import - 'As-Is'.
·         Fix issue where using cancel button when shutting down cause an exception.
·         Printing issue with missing tiles fixed


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you Debbie - I'm a new Silhouette user. Made a few mistakes and a more and more good cuts. I'll bravely try anything and I have stored the box in a closet! I think I will wait to update until the kinks are worked out - thanks again for being out there on the front lines for us users. I enjoy learning from your blog and videos.

    1. Once Silhouette releases the new update you will be so excited to start using your Silhouette. The new software will be your favorite crafting tool.

  2. Hi Debbie,

    Thnx for all the hard work!

    There is 2 issues that I am having that I don't see on your list - do u perhaps know if these are known bugs?
    When I add objects to different layers and then group them or try and drag an object back to another layer my sil studio crashes.

    The 2nd thing is that when I add a pattern to an object and then go to the select by color option the pattern does not show only solid colors - it would be great if I can select a pattern as well

    Lastly its just a feature I would like to hav :-) It would be great to be able to right click or on the object tab at the top be able to send an object to a new layer.

    Thank u

    1. Hi Michelle, these are some nice suggestions. Silhouette is working hard to bring us many nice new "working" features. They also continually strive to make their software to meet the needs of all the Silhouette users. I can't say if or when thye would add the suggestions you would like to see but they would be nice.

      I do believe the problems you are having with the crashing is one of the bugs they have been addressing. We've been sent two beta tests and have seen vast improvements. I don;t think it will be too long before the public cna download some really awesome Studio software.

  3. Thanks Debbie for all you do. I went back to legacy after installing the V3 I couldn't tell if it was me or the software that was having all the problems. I'll wait till all the bugs are fixed and happily install the new software.

  4. Thanks Debbie for all you do. I went back to legacy after installing the V3 I couldn't tell if it was me or the software that was having all the problems. I'll wait till all the bugs are fixed and happily install the new software.

    1. Hi Kathy, the bugs are being exterminated as I type. The new software is going to be wonderful! I can't wait for it to be released to the public.

  5. Hi Debbie you are a real blessings to our Silhouette world.Are we still going to be able to cut our old sil files we have received from people?
    Thanks so much for all your hard work.
    Blessings Jocelan

    1. Hi Jocelan, you will be able to cut your old file but when you go to open them you will have to select "All Files" so the new Studio3 wil recongize them. However, if you save anything in Studio 3 it will only open in Studio 3 unless you choose the new option the update offers to also save it in the legacy version of Studio 2.9.45. I tried opening up a Studio 3 and Legacy saved file in an even older version of Studio and it would not open.

  6. Debbie, you are wonderful, I have followed you ever since having my Silhouette and would have been lost on many occasion without you. Keep up all your hard work and the biggest THANK YOU from me for all you do for us.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and the confidence you have in me. I hope to be able to make more videos on the new Silhouette Studio V3 but I bleieve everyone will find the soon to be released version (update) of the Studio V3 ot be a lot more user friendly and bug free. It is the feed back of the Silhouette customers like you and others that have brought the current issues to light. Without the fabulous feed back the Silhouette Support Tema and Silhouette programmers would not have learned of these issues. The thanks goes out to all of you. :) Hugs, Debbie

  7. Just watched the beta test video you made, and you have restored my faith in silhouette. Thank you for being willing to share what you learn. Is there anything in the works to allow for " scoring" vs cutting the foldlines? I most often score my fold lines by hand because I don't care for the cut scores at all. I ' ve tried kiss cut and everything else I could find on making cleaner scores, but I don't get consistant results so I just do it by hand. Would be a real time saver if I could get my machine to do it for me

  8. Hi Diane, I too wish there wa an easier way of scoring and not having to use the "Kiss" method or having to hand score. I don't see where this is going to come into play wiht the new update. I've thought about some sort of tool that would do a proficient job at scoring but the, we would have to take the blade out and insert the tool just to do the scoring. I'll let smarter people than me figure this one Hugs,Debbie

  9. Hi Debbie,
    Will the pnc being off the lines when cut fix be included in the update?

    1. Hi Debbie, I've made several Print and Cut test cuts and they have come out wonderful.So far, I'm very pleased with the results of the beta version.

  10. Debbie, I don't know what I'd do without you! I've said it before and I'll say it again - you are an angel!!! I am waiting for the update to the update before I download the new version. I can't wait for all the fixes since you are so excited about it. I found you when I got my Silhouette and have looked to you for answers to my questions. are always there with the right answer so I trust you! So glad they are letting you test the fixes out before releasing another update. Thanks so much! BIG HUGS!!!

    1. Hi Becky Jo, I'm glsd you found me. You are one of my many blessings and I am so happy we found each other. Hugs, Debbie

  11. Hi Debbie
    I am so pleased to see you back as well and also great to have you being a star beta person.. I am rather scared of the new software and how the pages have changed ...its is scary also by being an older crafter As i love my Cameo and when i downloaded the new version 3. I was mortified as i cannot do with to much change to quickly.. I have to take it all in..Does this mean i will not be able to use the version 3 ever?? Or can I watch videos say like yours to see what is going on.. I need basic instruction rather than complicated instruction as we all learn at different levels! Is this going to be on offer ? Instruction and not to complicated please. Thanks Debbie i am so pleased you have returned to your rightful place as a our Magnificent Craft Help Queen! Thank you.xx

  12. Hi Mary, Thank you for the nice "Welcome Back" and for your sweet comment. I'm no craft queen but I sure love crafters. They are wonderful people.

    Please don't worry. Once Silhouette has released the new update for the current Studio 3 you will have the opportunity to use the "Standard" cut features or the new ones. I will also do my best to make videos exploring the new features. The one thing many had requested was to bring back the previous cutting features like "Cut Edge, Cut, No Cut and the Perforated Lines" I am happy to say; they have accomplished this. We are still beta testing but know a new update will be released real soon.

  13. Hi Debbie. I haven't downloaded v3 of the software yet. Thanks for the time & trouble you are taking to iron out all the 'problems' with this latest version of the software so that everyone else can take advantage.

  14. Hi,
    Is anybody else having issues with the cut area, as displayed within the latest version of the software, not reflecting reality when trying to do a print and cut? For me, cutting stops well before the cutting edge, about 1/4 inches from all borders when I use default registration size, increasing to just over 1/2 inch from all edges, top, bottom and both sides. Definitely not "What You See Is What You Get".
    As someone who has worked in software development, as an artist, for over fifteen years, I'm rather disappointed in the Designer Edition of the software. I love the Portrait, but I just wish I could get it to do what the software leads me to expect.

  15. Hi G.L. Nelson, This version of software has for some reason had many issues. Little by little the Silhouette programmers are working through them. Everyone's experiences have been different. For example I've not had the print and cut issues you're having bu I've had issues with saving files. The software needs to be more consistent with cutting machines and operating systems. Before Studio V3 came out I had some Print and cut issues like you've described. Once I changed the "Packet Size" to 1000 in the "advance" preferences I began having lovely cuts without them being off. It also helped with the "crazy cuts" I was having. What I term "crazy cuts" is when my blade ran in a slanted pattern across my media; the "slash" and run Perhaps changing the "Packet Size" will help you too. I know the software is still being worked on. It's not too nice to learn Silhouette users are having issues. I'm one of Silhouette America's biggest fans because of all this cutting machine can do, the excellent customer service and support but, I know the release of this software has hurt their wonderful reputation with many. I hope your PnC issues get worked out. Please keep the faith, I know Silhouette really cares about those who are experiencing problems and they are working around the clock to address each and every issue. If you decide to try changing your Packet Size and still don't get good results, please call or email Silhouette support. I know they will help. Blessings, Debbie


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