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Monday, April 21, 2014

Studio V3.0.343 FAQ'a and Bug Issues

Hello, as we are all still getting acquainted with the new Studio V 3.0.43 I decided to make yet another video to help explain some frequesntly asked questions. There are many new users whom don't understand the file extensions so in this video I addressed this question and some others. I plan on making more "How to Design" videos in the future. Right now with some of the remaining bug/glitches I'm trying to answer or explain work arounds or know issues.

Besides making videos the Silhouette Plus Forum has a porton of the "Studio V3 Discoveries and Discussions" dedicated to bug reporting. I email these to Silhouette support so they can use these reports to assist them with an organized way of addressing the issues.

This morning I sent an email to Brian with the latest "bug report". He so kindly and quickly sent me another email addressing some fixes for a couple of the issues reported. I'm going to paste them below the video.

I appreciate all the effort and hard work Silhouette and the wonderful Silhouette Support team has given and continues to give in addressing concerns and issue. I know all of you appreciate them too.

Here it he link to review or download the new Studio 3 User manual: Studio V3 User Manual

2. Still can't work with 2 designer editions running at the same time as the new 3.0 version still steals license Key from 2.* versionsBRIAN: I think we discussed this briefly, but I don’t believe this is “fixable” since the issue with license key removal occurs in the older V2 version. We’ll continue to explore, but basically, it isn’t recommended to run two different versions on the same computer. Sorry. L

3. I was opening a .png file and the following error message popped up.

Auto save feature was unable to obtain write access. 

I can't find any information on this feature on the Auto Save release notes page. 

I closed out the program, opened it again and opened the same file again, but didn't get the error message this time.
BRIAN: If you go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Silhouette America\Silhouette Studio there is a sub-program called “Permissions”. This should be a rare instance that people need to run this, but the experience above indicates a permissions concern on the computer/account specifically (rather than a general software bug). If the user exits the Silhouette Studio software and then runs this program, all should be fine going forward.

4. My Fill Pattern Window still freezes up the program just by trying to scroll down to my purchased patterns. I haven't been able to successfully use my Fill Pattern Window with either release of version 3. My workaround has been to select the shape, then open my library and go to my fill patterns. If I double click on the pattern it will fill the shape. 

BRIAN: It sounds as though some very large files are likely be loaded into the library. Here’s the common support response:
This issue likely indicates that the fill pattern files in use are too large and thus causing issues with the software program. Please do the following:
1.    Open the Silhouette Studio® software program
2.    Go to the library
3.    Right-click on the pattern(s) in question in your library
4.    Select to the Delete Item option
5.    Right-click on the library's Recycle Bin
6.    Select the Empty Recycle Bin option
8.    Re-sample the original images to a lower pixel rate in order to make them smaller and more manageable with this program by dragging and dropping files to have them converted automatically
This process will re-sample the original images to make them smaller and friendlier for the Silhouette Studio® program. We would recommend to re-sample into a JPG at a rate of 500px.
9.    You may then import the converted image into the library anew.
Second problem with fill patterns: it is still saving as a huge file size. I have a single shape on my page filled with a Silhouette-purchased pattern. The file size is 24 MB! No good  

BRIAN: Big pattern file size brought into the software = big STUDIO file size when saved. I’m not sure there’s any way to resolve this other than the answer above in bringing in smaller versions of the intended image pattern.


  1. Thanks for posting, Debbie.
    Tine :)

    1. Hi Tine, It's so nice to see you back and thank you for visiting. Big hugs, Debbie

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. Question: Do I have to do anything different when importing a SVG file?

    1. Hi Dimples, You don't need to do anything different. Just go up to File, Open, and select from the dropdown menu the .svg selection. You do have to have the Designer Edition to be able to open .svg files.

  3. I do appreciate all you have done, but I really hate the new features, and if I continue to refuse to update I will miss out on all the weekly freebies because they wont work. Wish they had given use the new stuff, but put them in as advanced features only and left what we had alone. It would have been such an easier transition if I only had to learn "advanced" as needed. I have so many projects on the board as baby shower for my daughter gets nearer and nearer I just CANT take the time to learn and create at the same time

    1. Hi Diane, I find myself using the "Standard" cut mode more often. It's not necessary to use any of the new "Advance" features. I have cut many projects and test cuts with amazing results.I do need to use the Advance features more so I can make some videos. Recently I made 5 Easter baskets and did some "Print and Cuts" again, I did this using the "Standard" mode in the new Studio V3 software. You shoud go ahead and update. If you don't like the new Studio 3 you can always uninstall it ( Make sure to de-activate your Studio Designer Edition License Key first) then, go to the Silhouette download site and download the Studio V2 Legacy Edition and install it. So many had asked to please return the "Standard" cut features because all of us are so comfortably familiar with them. Silhouette llistened to our pleas and added them back. I will try the "Advance" features real soon and hopefully wil have tthe time to make some more in depth videos. Technology is ever changing. I'm not one too keen on change but know in this world of "ever" changing technology I have to accept and go for it. I hope I've helped with your dilema on whether to update or not. I think, down the road you will like many of the new features. Blessings and hugs, Debbie

  4. Hi Debbie,
    I have a new machine and everything was working fine. till i installed the latest version of Silhouette studio my machine is not cutting the edges of my designs so everywhere close to the edge of the paper it is not cutting.
    I tried test cut - the test cut does not cut through the paper but the normal cut does and lastly...
    I tried to print and cut - but when i print the registration marks are totally off its like it is more to the right than it should be so the right hand registration marks get cut off.

    I have sent Silhouette support numerous emails and get the same response over and over that i should upgrade to the latest version ... which i have told them i have version 3.0.343

    I am in South Africa but did try and call them today and when i select the option for technical support and customer service i just get a msg that the voicemail is full and it cuts off.

    The only other thing i did is play around in make the cut and cut with my Zing - not sure if this could have done anything???
    Not sure if you have encountered any of these issue... and if you have any advice for me


    1. Oh dear Michelle, this sounds awful! I've not had these problems but would bemost upset if I did. It's not fun to want to create and run into this kind of "mess". I've heard of many whom have received the message of "Voicemail" is full. A lot of this is because many have been confused by the new properties of the software and don't realize they can still cut using the "Standard" mode. May I suggest, while you wait to hear from Silhouette; uninstall Studio V3 (de-activate your DE license first) then download Studio V3.0.343 again and re-install. After you've done this please try any "Print and Cuts" or basic cutting using the "Stnadard" modes of "Cut", "Cut Edge" and "No Cut" also please make sure to select the medium you are going to use, your page and mat size in the page settings. I'm not sure if this will work but I'm one to try anything if things aren't working out and I want to make beautiful things. I hope this works and if not; I sure hoe you hear back from Silhouette support real soon. I will coy and paste your comment and send it to Silhouette by email. Maybe this will help me to help you. Hugs, Debbie

  5. Michelle, will you please email me. You can email me by clicking on the "Email Me" link on the right hand side of my blog. i have contacted Silhouette support and the Director of Sihouette support has offered to handle this issue. He asked me for your email address. I told him I would leave a message for you here in hopes of it getting to you. Thank you, Debbie

  6. I am having the same problem as Michelle with the new upgrade version 3.0.343 (It is not cutting 1" from the material or about 1-3/4 inches from the edge of the mat (top and side I measured it). I wasted several heat transfer vinyls (as you know is costly). I got the same response from technical support that the fix was on the new version with a link, so like a fool, I downloaded it again, re-installed it to waste more material. I was so desperate and got MTC "Make the cut software" and it worked just fine. Now that I know it is not the machine but the software. I finally gave up, uninstalled it and re-installed the older 3.0.293 version and it finally worked. It's not just the expensive material, but the technical support should at least spend a little time to read my email before replying. My subject clearly says problem with version 3.0.343.

    1. Hi Joel, what kind of advice did support give you? Did you tell them their suggestion didn't work an how you have ruined expensive material? I suggested to one person whom had this issue to check several things. One is; (because I did this and had the same problem as Michelle) is to make sure to have your media set correctly. I did a Print and Cut. the reg. marks printed one straight line at the bottom left and when I went to cut it cut the top three images but made a terrible mess of the bottom ones. It cut way off the images. The other suggestion is to change your "Packet " size. You have to go to Preference, Advance, and scroll down until you see the "Packet Size" first try changing the packet to 500, close out of Studio and re-open it. do some test cuts on some inexpensive medium. If this doesn't work try to change the "Packet Size" to 1000. I hope this will help and I'm so sorry about the issues you've had and about all of that expensive material wasted. If this doens't work, I would send support another email or call them to tell them what has been going on. Best wishes, Debbie

  7. What is setting for packet size you suggest in latest version now? Changed to 500 after purchasing from tutorial information when I was learning. This version I need to make notes as I forget before I get to try on my projects.Thanks!

    1. Hi Shannon, there is an even newer version out. It's the Studio 3.1.417. It resolves some of the left behind bugs. I left my packet size at 1000 and so far it's been cutting great. If you want to change your packet size, got to "preferences", "Advanced", scroll down and you will see where you can tick the radials to change them. Hugs, Debbie


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