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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Silhouette Sister In Need

Many of you know Barbara (bdjeepers) from the Silhouette Plus forum. Her husband Bob are both senior citizens and Bob whom supports them financially just had major surgery ( a triple bypass) which will prevent him from being able to work for the next couple of months. The income they will be losing during his recovery was income needed to meet their basic needs. They are both hard working senior citizens whom have to continue to work to be able to survive in this economy. Bob's loss of income will greatly effect their finances and prevent them making ends meet. 

Barbara who has many medical issues which prevent her from working so Bob is their "bread and butter". Not only is Barbara older and unable to work; she will be staying at home with Bob to care for him during his recovery. Barbara has always reached out to the members here to offer a helping hand. I thought it would be nice if we the members here could "Pay It Forward" by reaching out to her and her dear husband Bob to send a little donation that will help sustain them through this time of crisis. 

Thank you for your help, kindness, and consideration.If you would like to make a donation you will find a donation button at the top of this blog page. I will leave it here until Barbara and Bob are able to get back on their feet. 


  1. Debbie,
    Thank you so much for providing a way to help Barbara and Bob. When I first read about Bob's emergency surgery on the Silhouette Plus Forum, I wrote a little message of support to Barbara, but wished that I could do more. You have provided a wonderful, practical way to truly reach out and help. I don't post often, but I totally believe in the caring community that has been formed. You have such a loving, generous heart. I am honored to be able to help a Silhouette Sister.

  2. I do not know Barbara or Bob, but I sympathize with their circumstance and I will do what I can to assist them. Thank you for providing a means to reach out and help. I am new to the Silhouette and have quickly realized that the Silhouette community is a caring group whose interest and support go beyond our shared love of crafts. I am excited to become a part of this community. Lee


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