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Friday, April 4, 2014

Silhouette Studio Version 3.0 Video and Chat

What a day, and night these past couple of nights have been. As many of you already know; the new Silhouette Studio 3.0 version has been released. I am so excited about this new software. This being said; I have to let you know there are a few bugs/glitches which Silhouette Support is currently working on and will be releasing a new update which will fix these bugs. I just got off the phone with the director of Silhouette and he assured me the new update will be coming soon. Kay (Clever Someday) from the Silhouette Forum and her delighful, insightful, extremely helpful blog is way on top of this. She has been coresponding with Silhouette and believe me, if anyone can help them along this wonderfully intelligent lady can do it. If you've never visited her blog you are missing out on some amazing stuff. She has the best tutorials and she makes the most wonderful discoveries. You can visit her blog by clicking on this link: Clever Someday Geeky Ideas for Desktop Crafters

I've only begun looking, testing, and tryning out the new Studio 3.0 software. I love it and know I'll love it even more when the bugs are all fixed. It seems to run faster, smoother, and has some great new features. Here is a list of the bugs/glitches they are working on and will soon be releasing the new updates on.

1. Compatability Issue - Currently when you create and save a cutting file in the new Studio software it will not open in older versions of the software unless you update to the 3.0. They are fixing this.

2. Cut Lines and Cut Settings - Right now it's a bit of an ordeal to cut a file which has perforated and straight cut lines. More about this is in my video. I miss the "Cut Edge and the No Cut" feature. They are working on this issue and plan on bringing back these settings....woohoo!

3. Auto Trace - They were not aware of this glitch until I spoke to them today. When you go to do an Auto Trace, turn off the High Pass filter (as we've always done in the past) then increase the threshold it seems to work but, if you also want to use the Low Pass Filter it either grays out or makes you click off of that area to the work are to get it to work. They are now aware of this and will have this fixed.

Check out my video to see the wonderful things you will get if you upgrade and if get the Studio Designer Edition.

I want to add. I currently am running 3 versions of the Studio software on one computer. I decided it would be nice to have them while I waited for Silhouette Techs to iron out the bugs. I am confident in knowing Silhouette America is one of the finest companies out there. They always do their best to make their customers happy. The ownderful Support Team at Silhouette is hands down, the best of the best. They will always make sure you are using your cutting machines and enjoying them. Please know, this software is wonderful and will be even better when the kinks are straightened out.


  1. Thank you Debbie for the tutorial and all the helpful info. Very much appreciated.

  2. so appreciate all your info about the silhouette and its software. good to know we can have more than one version running on our computers

  3. Thank you Debbie!
    Have you noticed that when you load pattern paper in your silhouette that the software freezes?

  4. I love that you look out for us techie challenged crafters!

  5. I discovered the same issues about the same time you did. I feel that they took away our control over cutting. I'm not sure why we now *have* to cut only with the choices by layer or color. There are times I need to cut or sketch only one group or path from my design, especially if I'm testing something, but with the new software, I can't do that. Also, if you choose for one color to cut in the middle of the line and then choose the other color to cut the edges, the first color choice changes. I've tested this numerous times and every time, both colors end up with the same setting. I really hope they bring back the user-control of cutting!

  6. Hi Paula, I know silhouette will bring back the old cut settings. so many of us miss those settings. Silhouette also knows about the many bugs. We compiled alist on the Silhouette Plus forum. I've emailed this list on a daiy basis. It won't be too much longer before Silhouette will let us all know about another update that will fix these issue. I beleive in this company and know how very much they want to make us; their customers happy. Right now, they know we are frustrated with the issues/bugs and if any company I know of is dedicated to customer satisfaction and service it's Silhouette and theri awesome Support Team. I'm keeping the faith. :)

  7. Oh, I have the faith alright! I was going to say, "You have no idea how much I use and love my Sil/Cameo," but then I stopped and thought, "Oh yeah she does!" I use it for all my metal clay jewelry and art ... and paper and fabric, too, so it gets a lot of use! If I don't have the Cameo on, I get withdrawls! I'm really thankful that you're compiling the bugs and sending them off to SIL!!!


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