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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Video On the Release of Studio 3.0.343

Good day everyone, I know how busy all of you must be with your Easter plans. I too am hopping around like the Easter bunny trying to get things done. Before I go off for the day to run errands I wanted to make a little video about the new Studio V3 updates.

There are still bugs and some issue within this version but it is still a very nice version to use. I made five Easter baskets yesterday using the new Studio V3 and love the way it works.

One of the issues is "Exporting" you "Studio Library". I already reported this issue and it's being worked on. Also, the ability to drag and drop patterns/digi papers from our comuter to  a Studio drawn shape is still an issue. There is a work around for this. I'm adding the steps below:

1. Open up Studio and save a blank document. You can name it something like "Fill File"

2. Close the document then re-open it by going to File, Open Recent and slect your saved "Fill File" .

3. Now draw a shape, open up one of your pattern/ digi papers folder and drag it onto the drawn shape. Tada! you can now drag and drop.

There are other issues reported and I'm not going to comment on all of them today. I just want everyone to know Silhouette realizes this new update is not a "Fix All" but it allows us Studio users to learn and enjoy the many nice features of the new Studio V3.

Happy cutting and crafting to all. Sending wishes forall to feel and enjoy the many blessing of Easter. I'll see everyone after the Easter holiday.


  1. Hi Debbie. Thank you for taking the time & trouble to create the video tutorials. They are always so helpful and especially so with the new software release. Still not sure about the layers myself but the new shape tool to create the many sided shapes and the arc tool do look to be useful.
    Wishing you & your family a very happy Easter.
    Tine :)

  2. Hi Debbie, thank you so much for your very informative videos! A problem I encountered with V.3 and see that it's still there with this mornings update is...program freezes and at times, just quits when editing my own design. So VERY FRUSTRATING. Have you noticed any of this?

  3. Thanks so much Debbie. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  4. Thanks so much Debbie. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  5. Thank you Debbie for caring about all of us novices out here and helping us! I too have noticed the program freezing and saying "not responding" for a few seconds or more. Any tips?

  6. Hi Debbie, Thanks so much for the excellent video. Is the dot in the centre of a circle, which is used for centre of rotation only in the Designer Edition, as I am unable to get it, even though I have ticked "show centre of rotation"?

    1. Hi Julia, I just opened up my Legacy V2 version so I could get an answer to your question. I don't have the Designer Edition on the Legacy V2 and noticed I no longer had the "Center of Rotation" tool so I'm thinking it's a feature only offered in the Designer Edition of the Studio software. The good news is I have found a place where the Designer Edition can be purchased at a lower cost. I paid $50.00 for mine and this site has it for $32.88 Here is the link if you're interested.

  7. Hi Debbie, thanks very much for that information. :)


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