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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Studio 3.0 Video Regarding the Cut by Color and Cut by Layers Settings Edited to Add Cut Samples

I made this video late, last night. Actually early in the morning it was 1 a.m. So many have been perplexed by the new cut settings and it has many of us missing the old familiar No Cut, Cut Edge, settings. From my understanding through the many conversations and emails I've had with support this is one of the things they ae planning to bring back. I sure hope so.

While I love many of the new features the new software has bugs and I'm not on board with the way we will now have to cut if they don't bring back the old cut setting. I still have more experimenting to do. I've done some cutting and have made some messes in the process. I'm still learning and hope I can share the things I learn to make this transistion into using the new Studio 3.0 software a bit easier. I'll do my best to keep you posted and I plan on doing some more test cuts today.

Here is a little video showing you how to use the new cut setting in the current Studio 3.0 update. I would like to add, if you are thinking about not updating for now it may be a good idea not to update until Silhouette has released the new update addressing the bugs/ issues they have at this point. I'm running 3 versions of the software on one computer so this will help take my frustrations away while I learn the new Studio 3.0 software.

I edited this post to add some photos of the cut samples I made. To explain a little bit; I did allof these cuts in the "Layers" cut settings. The bunny is "Auto Welded" in these pictures.When doing an "Auto Trace" on the butterflies it cut way off and only cut out the square and not the shape of the butterflies. I had to do another "Auto Trace" and use the "Trace and Detach" to get them to cut nicely. I also had to place the butterflies on a cutting board by themselves to get the nice cut. When I added the sample bunny I drew in Silhouette; I ended up with another mess. This is not acceptible to me. I was always able to create "Print and Cut" images in the old software and simply select "Cut Edge" to get a perfectly cut image. Come on Silhouette I love you but; REALLY! this is a MESS.

Cut on a totally separate s"Layer" after tracing and doing the "Trace and Detach"

Traced and Detached on a Separate cutting file with this layer only

Traced and Detached Butterflies with the Bunny added and the Auto Weld Advance feature on

Cut with the Auto Trace done but not the Trace and Detach

No Trace and Detach and look at that poor

Cut with the Legacy Edition (2.9.45) You can still download this version and install it.

I made another cutting file. Making the bunny just like I did for the ones I cut in the Studio 3.0. Look at the difference using the old feature "Cut Edge". I'm sticking with cutting on the Legacy (2.9.45) Edition until Silhouette gest this fixed.


  1. Thanks for the info! I am a newbbie-so no plans to update for me-for awhile! Just so glad I found your blog! Thanks for all the info!!! sherry107

  2. Thank you Debbie. Thank goodness I have not yet updated. I find it frustrating enough as it is. After printing and cuttting a test card on printpaper successfully, the same project, without having made any changes, does not print and cut on the lines. I have shut down the software, am taking a break to calm down, and hoping it will be back to normal when I return to it.

    I have watched several of your videos and they have helped immensely. Thank you

  3. Thanks Debbie. I'm thinking on going back to 2.9.45 for now. I'm just not loving the cut feature. There's too much fiddling around and I don't like wasting time going back and forth to get something to work.

  4. Hi Gladys, if you're using a different type of paper you'll need to change your cut settings. For example if you do a test cut on typing paper, then cut your project on cardstock you'll need to change your cut settings. Since your projects are not cutting on the print lines it sounds like you have a calibration issue or a "Packet Size" issue. I can help you fix the "Packet Issue". If you go to File, Preferences,Advanced and change the "Packet Size" to 500. Close the program and re-open. Try a test cut. If it still doesn't cut the way it should try changing the "Packet Size" to 1000. If it is a calibration issue; please call support. They will walk you through a fix for this issue.

  5. Hi again and ty for replying. I feel a bit sheepish having to admit that the problem was "in front of the computer"n not in it. I had put in a line to help me place things and hadn't noticed that it was on the registration marks. I apologise for having taken up some of the time you so generously share with all of us. Thank you again

  6. Gladys, you didn't bother me at all. I'm so glad to learn it was this problem and not a serious one. Happy cutting :) is on it's way back.

  7. Wow, that's really frustrating. D: I hope they bring some of the old features back. From what I've been hearing, it seems like Silhouette plans on bring back some of the features that somehow got taken out. I'm just gonna stick with 2.9.45 until all the bugs and glitches have been ironed out.

    I didn't even know about 3.0 being out in the first place until I saw blog posts about it here and on another blog. Good thing I actually read them both and saw that you guys were advising to NOT upgrade from 2.9.45 at this time, as I'd be in the same situation if I did upgrade.

  8. Thanks so much for your video and advice....Really think Silouhette should run every thing past you first...for a fee of course....before they let it any new software out of it's frustrating when your only a novice too be challenged by problematic software....still trying to get to grips with the old version...but your advice has given me my sanity back. Re-installing the older version before I give up completely on my machine....Thanks again Debbie your a God send.

  9. Hi Debbie; is there a way to rearrange the tool bar at the top....I like it when the cut lines and color were beside the fill color and patterns.

  10. Thank you so much for testing the software and providing this information - and especially the videos. You're awesome, Debbie! I've been referring people on Facebook to your web page so they can access this vital info. before they commit to version 3. As for myself, I'm going to wait it out.

  11. You have no idea how confused I feel right now :( Just when I thought I was mastering the legacy version, it's time to start learning a new one again.

    Cut outer edge is one of the features I use the most for my print and cut cards, what will I do now that it is gone? I am so bummed! I refuse to install v3 until they give us back a nice working software with our beloved features back.

    Thank you for testing this version for us and for you awesome feedback.

  12. Ceci, the new software is a bit fiddly for sure and something we will all have to learn. fortunately, Silhouette is aware of many of the bugs and is working hard to get them fixed and release an update fixing these issues. I love many of the features but miss some of the features I've become sued to using like the "Cut Edge". They thought the "Auto Weld" feature in the 3.0 software would work the same. Now they are aware it doesn't work the same and are going to fix this. I've written so many emails to Silhoutte Support and have been on the phone with the director of support so I know first hand they are doing everyhting to make us 'Happy Cutters". I'm anxious to see the bug release update. On the Silhouette Plus forum there is a list where members can contribute suggestions and report bugs they have found. I am reporting the ones I found and will send them the entire list to help keep their thoughts and my thoughts organized. I can't wait to use the 3.0 software once the bugs are fixed. At the moment, I would suggest sticking with the 2.9.45 even though I've found a coulple of bugs in that version too. It's been reported as well. Keep the faith; Silhouette values their customers way too much to let us down. :)


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